Have you ever noticed that life can serve you nice hearty portions of negative stress?

This can include all kinds of things like tough family situations, losing someone to death or divorce, or a conflict on the job. All of these lovely little negative and painful situations could easily lead to defeat.

Yeah, we are quite familiar with these kinds of situations and they can truly challenge our resilience and our self-confidence. They can make us question who we are, why we are here, and even our own sanity. 

The beauty of our minds is that we have an inner power, I like to think of it as a superpower, that can help us overcome. This is the power of optimism and positive thinking. I am not talking about being maniacally happy all of the time and living in a state of denial, I am talking about facing the difficulties in life with a deep sense of self and compassion. This can make us stronger and more resilient when we come out on the other side of struggle.

One sure fire way to tap into our own superpowers is through meditation. 

It is a practice where we can reflect on our stressors without drama, with a deep sense of calm, and open-mindedness. It is a power that we all have that can help us grow our resilience and sense of self-worth despite the complications of life.

Our Take Five community is built on the concepts of optimism and positivity, and it is the perfect place to come and hone all of the superpowers you need to stand up to your own stress dragon with self-confidence and resilience.

We look forward to seeing you soon.