Brightest Young Things and Lululemon

What do I need? How stressed out am I? How can I relax? Why can’t I focus? Why can’t I remember things? Why do my anxious thoughts take up so much of my time? Why can’t I sleep? And on and on……

These are questions that many of us are familiar with, often not knowing that the answers lie within. Perhaps we have a sense that slowing down, taking time to breath can help, but taking the time, and making the effort can seem uncertain.

Take Five has some great news for you.

Scientists are studying the physiological impacts that different kinds of meditation have on the brain and neurological functioning, and they are finding out that through different types of meditation practices, we can find resolution for many of our questions.

Recent studies are now suggesting that the benefits of body scanning and relaxation based meditation (think Yoga Nidra, Sound healing, and Savasana) can enhance the regions of the brain that promote deliberate control, whilst Mindfulness meditation practices (think sitting meditation that reflects on the moment) enhance the parts of the brain that promote sensory awareness.

This is not only useful information, but it illustrates how useful a regular meditation practice can be in helping us to resolve many of the questions that love to keep us up at night.

At Take Five we offer a wide variety of meditation styles because we want to cover all bases for you and your unique needs. So go ahead and discard your uncertainty, and join us on the cushions to begin your unique journey into a regular and useful meditation practice.