I grew up with art. My father was an artist, and very often on weekend afternoons our dining room was turned into an artist’s studio for drawing with cray pas, creating masks out of paper mache, or sitting very still while my father did sketches of me (see photo for a portrait of me at age 7 by my father Daniel Zeichner).

Those times with my father were some of the most magical moments of my childhood. His capacity for being so passionate and so focused on the act of creating was a contagious energy to be around.

Even as a young child I understood that the energy of creativity could capture the mind and create a calm and contented focus that lended itself to a deep seeded feeling of well being.

As a teenager he took me to places far and wide to teach me about, and show me some of the greatest works of art in the world. That exposure was so delineating for me. I remember standing in front of a favored painting for an hour or more, taking in each detail, each texture and color and feeling as if time no longer existed.

That innate understanding that art, as something to create or as something to study in a slow and deliberate way, enjoying each sensation, each emotion, each thought, was a gift that my father gave me. And yes, I have grown up to become one of those people who can spend 8 hours straight in a museum and thoroughly enjoy myself.

This is why it was so important to me to have space to show art when we opened Take Five Meditation. I wanted art to be a part of our studio because art is truly a meditation.

We have been so fortunate to be involved in Dupont Circle’s First Friday Art Walk since the first week we opened our doors, featuring local and international artists. I love giving local artists a chance to show their work in a downtown venue. I have also loved seeing our guests enjoy each new presentation.

This September, we will be participating in our second Art All Night featuring “Her Time” a curated photo series by local artist Mona E. Avalos. It is on Saturday, September 29th, and we will be open from 7pm to midnight with art, meditation, street food, and more, and you know I want to see you there.

In the meantime, I look forward to seeing you get in touch with your creative side on our cushions. : )