For the record I want you all to know that I spent many years doing the morning routine with twin boys.  Yup that’s right, for a long time I had to get two boys up, fed, dressed and ready for the day and get myself ready to be somewhere, not just anywhere, but school and work.

I also had a husband to contend with during those mornings (I still have him). Yes, a husband who traveled a lot for work, and like any Washingtonian worth their salt, every workday he had, was the most important workday of his life….. If you know what I mean……

So in a nutshell this meant that the start of every day could be overwhelming to say the least. I realized this and knowing myself I refused to go there.

So it was worth it to me to get up a little earlier to have some alone time. To quietly prepare my morning beverage of choice, to be alone with my cat and dog, and to look outside and see how it looked.

I knew that if I started my day feeling stressed and overwhelmed, it was going to set the tone for my day.

I made it a point to wake my kids up with love and kisses, and my husband and I made it a point to have at least 10 to 15 minutes together every morning before we started our long and busy days, to check in, sit together and chat for a bit. The time I took to show love, and companionship, to be alone, and just to start my day off right was worth it. It created a ritual, and it set the tone for many days over many years.

Of course the routine is different for everyone, but the point is, that you can set the tone of your day by how you wake up and this can become a ritual that sustains many good days for many good years. Busy days are inevitable, but how you approach them can make all the difference in the world. Self-care fits into life in so many ways, and your morning routine can play a big role in it.

At Take Five, we love being a part of your self-care routine and helping you figure out just how best to set the tone. That’s why we are always happy to see you on the cushions and cozying up in the tea lounge.