Self-care as we know, is one of the building blocks to a good quality of life. That’s why we eat well, exercise, meditate, get our hair and nails done etc… In these high stressed, over screened, modern times, the concept of self-care in order to charge the batteries makes sense to a point. Somebody needs to look out for us even if it is us, right?

Well the answer is yes, but it doesn’t end there, because there is more to the story than just us. There is everyone. You know, all of those people everywhere who make up community and who might not have the same kind of access that they should have, not only to self-care, but to basic human dignity and well-being.  Everyone is vulnerable to being in a state where they need support and sometimes that support needs to come from the community.

Community plays a very big role at Take Five Meditation. We care about our village and believe that as our community grows it is important to open the doors wider to community care.  We know that your regular meditation practice, your connection to the broader community in the tea lounge, prepares you to go out and be a thriving community member, ready to lend a helping hand where needed. Sometimes those seeds are planted right in the studio with a conversation, or a question.

In other words, you are taking your self-care and you are balancing it with community-care, creating the kind of Yin and Yang balance of well being for all. We love that about you. As of a matter of fact, if you have a community based area of interest that you would like to share with our Take Five community, please reach out and let us know. You can write about it for our newsletter, or you can reach out to see if we can host an event to support it.

We are not just about Taking Five, we are also very much about Giving Five and then some, and we are looking forward to growing this vibe as our beautiful community grows.

With A Tremendous Amount of All Kinds of Care,


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As we move through our busy, hectic lives that are so full of stuff and things to do, it is easy to forget that we walk around daily with this magical toolbox that can help us take the edge off of life induced stress. This toolbox happens to be our very own bodies and minds, and if the tools are used wisely, we can regulate ourselves with great mindfulness as we move through the to do list.

One of the most fascinating tools that we have is the Vagus nerve. This incredible nerve connects our brains to many of our bodily functions and is responsible for regulating so many of our body’s systems including our fight or flight response. Breathing deeply into the body followed by long exhales has an immediate soothing effect on the Vagus nerve, slowing down the heart rate, and quieting the parasympathetic nervous system. This means a huge reduction in fight or flight stress. This is awesome.

At Take Five Meditation, we get how important it is to be familiar with the tools that we have to help us deepen our Mindful lifestyles. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you grow your ability to live without a whole lot of fight or flight and with a lot more calm and joy. The body and mind connection is endlessly fascinating and we love sharing the journey and exploration of it with you.

We look forward to seeing you get in touch with your inner Vagus Nerve on the cushions, and there is nothing vague about that.

With A Lot of Nerve and Love,


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If you are a human being, chances are, bad stuff has happened to you. Bad stuff comes in the guise of many forms. It could be that you were mistreated by another, experienced trauma be it physical or emotional, addiction, loss, and the list goes on.

We are all at risk of being defined by our histories of pain, it’s actually a pretty normal pattern, and the mind loves to go there and dwell on it.  However, we are at risk of ruminating, that vicious cycle of not letting go, and miring ourselves in our misery, constantly seeking ways to explain it, or find relief or justifications for it. Before you know it, your pain is all you can think about, it’s a mind trap.

Truth be told, negative thinking does not serve us. It actually hurts us. This is not to say that in moments, emotional congruence is an important thing when facing tough situations, but overall, rumination can lead to serious anxiety and depression.

There are many healthy ways to move away from negative thought patterns and one of them is Meditation. A mindfulness practice helps us to recognize our negative thought patterns objectively and without judgment so that we can start to change the inner-dialogue. Sound healing can connect us to our inner-vibrations of joy and happiness, mantra meditation can be the new inner voice that we hear telling us that we are worthy of great happiness, so that the beautiful music in your head can shine through.

At Take Five Meditation it our greatest pleasure to offer you a space where you can look at your negative thought patterns, investigate them, and understand that you can put them down and walk away from them.  Our goal is to lead you right into the arms of positive thinking (a topic for another time).

We look forward to seeing you on the cushions.

With a Tremendous Amount of Love and Affection,


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I think we are all aware right now, that the news cycle, and current events are creating a lot of polarity in our environment. Nowadays, if you are a typical Washingtonian, it is easy to find yourself getting sucked into the day’s current events and, getting reactive and having emotional responses.

This is pretty normal, and nothing to worry about. However, the feelings of polarization can be yucky, and feel pretty useless in the face of our news cycle. Washington is a town of problem solvers, and with each new event, many of us feel compelled to respond, but sometimes that comes in the guise of reaction rather than action.

There are ways to do what we believe is right, while practicing kindness to others, even when we disagree with them. Combining the courage of your convictions, with a deep sense of kindness and compassion towards others becomes a winning combination.

Take Five is located in the heart of Washington, DC, the beating heart of the news cycle. We take that very seriously and understand that our socially conscious community needs the time and space to process this on the cushions. A mindfulness practice can be pivotal in the face of this duality. It can help all of us to cultivate the insight and self-awareness we need to be active and involved, without becoming overwhelmed and forgetting ours, and everyone else’s humanity.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio, fully present, with courage and kindness.

With Buckets of Love, Peace, and Hope, for a Very Bright State of Being for All,