Ahhhhhhh, being perfect, that ever allusive goal that we are convinced will make us feel great, get our self-esteem up, and make life awesome. The whole package, how we look, how we act, how others see us, we can even project this onto our children, pressuring them to achieve in all areas all the time.

It is almost impossible to stay on top of being perfect, because the truth is, there will always be someone prettier, smarter, and better than us if we are operating from Perfectitus. Then, the absolute worst happens and we make a mistake, we fail and then it is discovered that we are not perfect.

It’s during those dips in life that our self-esteem likes to desert us. Self-esteem when linked to ego gratification doesn’t seem to sustain itself when we experience failure, and we face our own imperfectness. Many of us go right into self-doubt, and negative self-talk, we are hard on ourselves and this makes it hard to rebound and carry on. It seems like an inevitable bad cycle right?

What happens if we shift our mindset and instead of practicing Perfectitus we practice Self-Compassion? Rather than beating ourselves up for not being perfect, we build ourselves up by being forgiving, kind and loving to ourselves? By acknowledging that being on top of everything isn’t all that, in comparison to loving ourselves for who we are, flaws and all. This is a true pathway to living well.

At Take Five, Self-Compassion is built into our daily lives. We are ok with being human and flawed and we still love everyone and ourselves anyway, kind of big time. And that is truly wonderful.

We look forward to seeing you on the cushions this week.

With love,


A wonderful thing happened to me the other day. A good longtime friend asked me, “Does Take Five have a class that teaches people how to get and stay motivated about their meditation and yoga practices?” It was a question that made me sit back and take pause. Do we help our students get and stay motivated? And isn’t motivation this complicated and amorphous thing that keeps changing?

So I thought to myself, hmmmm, motivation is a head game very much like meditation. It has to come from the inside, and for it to really be effective, it has to be regular. Both motivation and meditation take time and commitment. They are both challenging and rewarding, and when done well, can be very life changing.

Does Take Five Meditation offer motivation? The answer came to me as a resounding yes. Take Five offers a wide variety of guided classes with very knowledgeable teachers. Each class feels like a learning journey and learning is motivating. The studio offers a community of wonderful and diverse people creating an energy of connection that is motivating. Take Five helps people to know the inner workings of their minds, all of the nuances that create set-backs and breakthroughs and that is motivating.

My friend, after hearing all of this wonderful stream of consciousness answer from me, then asked me if I would open up a Take Five near her (she lives in Belize). I told her I am working on the motivation.

In the meantime, I want to let you know that as much as we hope to provide you with a space that motivates your meditation practice, all of you motivate us to continue to make the world a happier, and more introspective place. We look forward to seeing your motivated and regular practice on the cushions.

With An Abundance Of Gratitude,


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