Reality check. None of us are perfect. In fact, perfection is an illusion and a trap. As humans we all have our ways of stumbling through many situations, finding ourselves making mistakes and making the wrong decisions. Along the way, we hurt others and we hurt ourselves.

It’s hard to be introspective, because it is easier to avoid our imperfections, than it is to look them in the eye, own them, understand them and to forgive ourselves for them.

So we carry on, holding onto the heavy weight of our flaws, bad behaviors and painful histories. This extra weight can slow us down without us even knowing it. It is a burden that can sometimes block us from moving on.

One of the beautiful things about a regular meditation practice, is that it teaches us how to be introspective, how to understand ourselves better, how to own up to past mistakes, and how to forgive ourselves. Compassion, loving kindness without judgement, these are tools that we all have within us, that can aid in losing the extra weight we carry around. There is nothing more cleansing than honest introspection followed by large, heaping doses of self compassion and love.

At Take Five Meditation it is our great pleasure to offer you a space where you can start the journey of introspection, ownership and acceptance of yourself, imperfections, flaws and all. It’s a space where you can let go of the extra weight that you’ve been carrying around, where love and compassion can bubble up to the surface, leaving you feeling lighter and more understanding of yourself and others.

We look forward to seeing you on the cushions soon.

With Love and Compassion,


PS Please be sure to check our schedule each week since sometimes Guides and Classes change.

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