When I was a girl, my mother always used to say “some days you wake up and everything hurts, and you have two choices. You can pull the blankets over your head and feel sorry for yourself, or you can get up and get on with your day.” My mom always got up and got on with her day. I didn’t really understand it then, but now that I am closer in age to what she was when she would say this, I know that she was talking about the aches and pains that can creep up on us as we move through life.

As someone who has made a career out of working in fitness and health, I have seen over the years how beneficial movement is when dealing with chronic pain. Exercise helps, but there is something else that plays a role in feeling well in your body, and it has everything to do with your mind. Over the years I have noticed that slowing down a physical practice by focusing on breath work and mindfulness practices, can make you feel better when you are experiencing pain. I have personally used meditation as a modality for healing injuries and reducing the pain that one gets from overuse or too much repetitive motion.

Since we opened up Take Five Meditation, I have had a number of clients tell me that they came because they were hoping that meditation would help them with the chronic pain issues that they were having. All of them made it a point to tell me that it was working for them. It did not surprise me because it has been my own experience. Now science is stepping in to tell us that meditation and mindfulness practice are indeed tools that can help mitigate chronic pain. It can help the mind to build new pathways that effect how the nervous system communicates pain to the body.

This is all incredible stuff that doesn’t come in a bottle, we have the power to heal ourselves right up there in those beautiful minds of ours. At Take Five Meditation, we believe that well being comes in a whole package. The mind and the body, balance each other out, and when they are most in sync is when we are at our best. We look forward to being a part of your Mind Body connection and look forward to seeing you find your well-being on the cushions.

With Love,


Check out this great story about how mindfulness can help reduce the need for opioids in pain management.

The word “Empath,” gets thrown around a lot lately. It’s become a buzz word for people who take on other’s emotions and get worn out and exhausted by them, sometimes without even realizing that this is what is happening. Chances are, if you are human, you have other humans in your life. People you live with, work with, hang out with who are a part of you daily environment. This basically means that there is always a swirling vortex of human emotion surrounding you. This means that you are sharing the energy of a lot of different people.
So where do you draw the line between emotional energy, and how do you know if it’s yours or it’s theirs? A good question, and the truth of the matter is that it is often hard to tell. It turns out, that “Negativity,” another buzz word, can be quite contagious. This means that you can be having a perfectly wonderful day, and because your best friend and or colleague are up to here in negativity, you can suddenly become mired in what is theirs. How do you know when this is happening, and how is it possible to not get swept away? How can you be a supportive friend or colleague without having your buzz killed?
Meditation is one of the best tools for helping us to understand when the emotion does not belong to us. It is a modality of self-observation and understanding that can really help us to structure a boundary system that protects us from other people’s negativity. Nothing is better than understanding when it’s not you, and it’s not yours.
At Take Five Meditation we truly understand that your self-awareness about taking on other’s bad vibes, and knowing how to cultivate healthy boundaries, strengthens your ability to practice loving kindness to yourself and others without becoming drained.
We look forward to being a part of your self-awareness campaign as you cultivate a regular meditation practice.
With Contagious Positivity and Love,
For more on how to deflect negativity read here

Have you ever noticed a beautiful smile? A soft gaze? A gesture of kindness that in a moment filled you up with warm fuzzy feelings? Chances are you have, and you really loved it, because those are all moments of loving kindness. The same person who moments before made you uneasy, suddenly shines a friendly smile at you, and the next thing you know, you want to be friends, and connect.

Let’s take all of those moments and imagine that you are the one smiling and giving off warmth to others and even more importantly, yourself. How does that make you feel? Chances are, practicing small and easy to do acts of love and kindness make you feel pretty darned good. So it’s a no brainer right? Just do it, as the old saying goes.

Not motivated enough? Well how about this. Scientists have discovered that a regular loving kindness meditation practice, slows down the rate that cells age, helping you to maintain more youthful looking skin and generally slowing down the deterioration that comes with the aging process. In other words, meditation helps keep you looking and feeling younger.

At Take Five Meditation we prioritize loving kindness, no judging, with lots of love and community spirit. We know that we are creating a space that is good for both body and mind by tapping into things that are so intrinsically valuable to being a beautiful person, that you can’t buy them in a tube or a jar. You are cultivating your outstanding beauty one sit at a time, and it dazzles us. We look forward to seeing you at your next beauty treatment in the studio.

With Glowing Love,


For more on how meditation impacts the aging process and cellular structure read here

Halloween is this week, and it is the perfect time to get in touch with your inner-child. Remember when you were a kid and imaginary play was such a big part of your repertoire? That incredible ability for your mind to travel everywhere, unbiased and full of wonder, allowing you to be whomever you desired to be?
What a treat to take pause and celebrate the wonderful creativity and imagination that you still have, though it might be buried under a lot of adulting. Yes it is still in there. A great way to tap into your childlike imagination and igniting creativity, is through meditation. Using visualization techniques, we can inspire, grow, and build our minds similarly to how imaginative play helped our minds to develop during childhood.
The power of visualization is real and can help us get to places in our lives and minds, way beyond our imaginations. At Take Five Meditation, we provide a non-judgmental space where you can experiment endlessly with your imagination and visualization. That’s exactly what a regular meditation practice is for. We would also love to see your costume ideas. This Thursday wear a costume to the studio and let your imagination soar.
With Childlike Love and Wonder,
fall leaves
Clear blue skies and crisp autumn air. The changing leaves, and the sparkle of the fall sun. As our days are now growing shorter, they are growing more beautiful too. With this short and perfect window of mosquito free, bright sunny days, the outside is a space for all of the nostalgic wonders of the fall season.
By now, it is clear that summer has passed us by, and Fall is now laying it’s soft leafy carpet that will lead us on our way into the colder months. Days are growing shorter and perhaps busier. When nature becomes this sparkling and beautiful, it is the perfect time to tap into the wonders of a meditation practice and connect even more deeply with our surroundings.
Autumn is a time to go apple and pumpkin picking. A time to roast root vegetables, read books cozily with tea, and take long walks. It is also the perfect time to take the time to deepen your meditation practice. Walking meditation is one of the best ways to be present with yourself at this time of the year. On your next visit to the studio, you might want to walk over and take that time to notice and observe the changes that autumn brings with it. Something so familiar and yet so easy to overlook if we are simply plowing through life.
At Take Five we think noticing the changing seasons is an important part of how we experience life. We believe that taking the time to observe and notice, to slow down enough to soak in the simple beauty and pleasures that come with a new season and all of it’s changes, enhances and sharpens the human experience. So get outside and enjoy the season, then stop in for a sit with us and let’s cozy up with some tea to talk about how awesome it all is.
With Autumnal yet Anything But Chilly Love,

Reality check. None of us are perfect. In fact, perfection is an illusion and a trap. As humans we all have our ways of stumbling through many situations, finding ourselves making mistakes and making the wrong decisions. Along the way, we hurt others and we hurt ourselves.

It’s hard to be introspective, because it is easier to avoid our imperfections, than it is to look them in the eye, own them, understand them and to forgive ourselves for them.

So we carry on, holding onto the heavy weight of our flaws, bad behaviors and painful histories. This extra weight can slow us down without us even knowing it. It is a burden that can sometimes block us from moving on.

One of the beautiful things about a regular meditation practice, is that it teaches us how to be introspective, how to understand ourselves better, how to own up to past mistakes, and how to forgive ourselves. Compassion, loving kindness without judgement, these are tools that we all have within us, that can aid in losing the extra weight we carry around. There is nothing more cleansing than honest introspection followed by large, heaping doses of self compassion and love.

At Take Five Meditation it is our great pleasure to offer you a space where you can start the journey of introspection, ownership and acceptance of yourself, imperfections, flaws and all. It’s a space where you can let go of the extra weight that you’ve been carrying around, where love and compassion can bubble up to the surface, leaving you feeling lighter and more understanding of yourself and others.

We look forward to seeing you on the cushions soon.

With Love and Compassion,


PS Please be sure to check our schedule each week since sometimes Guides and Classes change.

Aging begins at birth. In the beginning, aging means achieving sweet little milestones, that show we are growing up, and learning. We move through the early years of life with longing and excitement for the next new thing that will happen to us. Our flexible and pliant little minds are so open and ready to grow. We are not jaded and bored, rather, we are ready for all of the excitement and adventure we can get.
Then, as time passes, we start to stiffen up and lose some of the earlier zest that made life so interesting. Some of us fall into rigid patterns that keep us in a comfort zone that can eventually stagnate us and keep us from growing. Getting old and getting stuck in feeling and being old is easy. It’s comfortable and it has nothing to do with time, and everything to do with mindset. You can be old at 18 and young and 90 depending on the path you choose.
There is no better time than the present to assess where you are in the landscape of aging and choosing how you want it all to go down. There are so many things you can do to stay young at heart, exercise, learning, socializing and yes, meditating. Scientists have found that as little as 15 minute a day of quiet time or meditating keeps the brain up to 25 years younger. So yeah, you can just sit there and grow younger. The human mind is truly a thing of wonder.
At Take Five Meditation, we love and adore the youthful spirit you bring to our space and community. We are also very happy to help you grow and cultivate your growing young with each sit you take. So come on in and take a time out with us.  Once a day keeps you young and gay.  We look forward to your next visit to the studio.
With Youthful, Enthusiastic Love,
PS You can read more about meditation and growing young here.
Have you ever had one of those “this is the universe trying to tell me something” moments? Or one of those instances where suddenly everything falls into place and you can change course, moving into a fun and exciting direction?
Serendipity is one of those things that can often shape our lives, even more than planning and good intentions.
At Take Five many of our clients have said they found us serendipitously at a time in their lives when they really needed what we offer. There have also been many small world coincidences that take place in our tea lounge. They appear randomly and are made up of deep inward reflections, meditation, connection, communication and inquiry and they often end up creating something unexpected and wonderful. These little messages from the universe that connect us, that point us in the right direction, are delightful reminders that sometimes the universe is simply going to work in our favor and bring us the gift of serendipity and chance. We love it when that happens.
Every time somebody walks into Take Five and participates in our community, we feel very deeply that the universe is being kind and wonderful to us.
We look forward to seeing you on the cushions this week as we all appreciate the random fortunes that life brings us. : )
With gratitude,
I have great news. We do not have to be stuck. We can decide who we want to be and how we want to move forward.
One of the best ways to do this is to take a moment or two, to figure out who we are right now in this present moment, and then decide if this is who or what we want to be.
Success and positive outcomes come in all shapes and sizes. The journey that we take to get to an end, always has good in it, and is often more meaningful than the end itself.
This said, it is nice to achieve the outcomes that we dream about and there is nothing more human than hoping for that. Our dreams are what inspire us and shape us.
Meditation is a way to ground ourselves and to prepare our minds for thinking and being thoughtful about our paths and the trajectory that we would like to journey upon.
Here at Take Five we have watched many of our members get inspired through their meditation practices to make great changes in their lives. The kind of changes that lead to positive outcomes. It has been one of the most powerful things that we have seen happen here in our community.
Nothing is more empowering than a regular meditation practice and with this in mind we here at Take Five are looking forward to seeing you on the cushions as you shape your path.
With Love,

Ahhhhhhh, being perfect, that ever allusive goal that we are convinced will make us feel great, get our self-esteem up, and make life awesome. The whole package, how we look, how we act, how others see us, we can even project this onto our children, pressuring them to achieve in all areas all the time.

It is almost impossible to stay on top of being perfect, because the truth is, there will always be someone prettier, smarter, and better than us if we are operating from Perfectitus. Then, the absolute worst happens and we make a mistake, we fail and then it is discovered that we are not perfect.

It’s during those dips in life that our self-esteem likes to desert us. Self-esteem when linked to ego gratification doesn’t seem to sustain itself when we experience failure, and we face our own imperfectness. Many of us go right into self-doubt, and negative self-talk, we are hard on ourselves and this makes it hard to rebound and carry on. It seems like an inevitable bad cycle right?

What happens if we shift our mindset and instead of practicing Perfectitus we practice Self-Compassion? Rather than beating ourselves up for not being perfect, we build ourselves up by being forgiving, kind and loving to ourselves? By acknowledging that being on top of everything isn’t all that, in comparison to loving ourselves for who we are, flaws and all. This is a true pathway to living well.

At Take Five, Self-Compassion is built into our daily lives. We are ok with being human and flawed and we still love everyone and ourselves anyway, kind of big time. And that is truly wonderful.

We look forward to seeing you on the cushions this week.

With love,