You know that feeling when somebody doesn’t like you and you don’t know why, or that sense that no matter what you do, something is simply not going to go your way………it’s just not fun.

We all want to make things work out: relationships, health, projects, school, life, but the reality is that things will not always work out, or be perfect and accommodating. We can even make tough situations more frustrating when we try to fix them and make them better.

There are some moments when taking a break to pause and not act leads us to the path of acceptance and understanding. That sense of letting go is the beginning of the end of suffering.

When we stop fighting with our need to be comfortable and happy, when we lessen our expectations, we are making room for resilience and acceptance, those things can lead us to peace.

And yes, it is a very hard thing to do, it is a practice that builds a deeper understanding of who we are and how we, as humans, operate. 

A regular meditation practice is a tool that can shine a light on our over extended expectations and lead us to a path of acceptance and a place of inner peace. Take Five creates a space and plenty of opportunity to sit down or lay down and wrestle with expectations and the journey towards acceptance.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio in a space without judgments, with open hearts, and compassion.

When I became a young mother of twins, I thought I had to do it all. Nurse, nurture, change diapers, read, sing, love (husband too), cook, clean, comb my hair, work, and all that on zero sleep because let’s face it, twins……..

There was also a bit of a guilt factor about reaching out for help and support, and even worse, paying for help…… I often felt that perhaps I wasn’t cut out for the challenge. Then one day, some brilliant person somewhere, I can’t remember who, perhaps I read it somewhere, said to me, “being a mother is like that safety tutorial when you get on the airplane, put your own oxygen mask on before you put it on your child.” Those words had a profound impact on me like you would not believe.

Then I remembered the old adage which I believe is universally adaptable, “when mom is happy, everyone is happy.” In other words, when we take care of ourselves, not as a luxury but as a disciplined practice, we are not only better to ourselves and our own well-being, we are better to everyone around us, and are better equipped to step up, or step down as necessary.

Taking the time to care for yourself is not a luxury, it is a necessity that takes discipline. Sometimes it means not doing the fun thing and buckling down to get something important done, and sometimes it means disconnecting, saying no and giving yourself time to cultivate your well being. Self-care practices exist in all cultures going way back to earliest human history. Meditation is one of them and has been a big game changer for me.

I hope you join me on the cushion this week.  Your self-care practice means everything to our Take Five Team, and it is our pleasure to be a part of your practice.