Take Five Meditation is so in love with the Shakti collection that we have decided to continue showing it through winter. The pieces are a celebration of color and beauty and net proceeds go to the Sitar Arts Center promoting the fine arts to children without access. Please join us on February 1st for an evening of meditation and art. Our guide Jeneen Piccuirro will be conducting a Gong Bath followed by Guided Visualization & Art.

6pm Gong Bath- It is said that ALL sounds are contained within the ancient and mysterious Gong. Surrendering to the sounds of the Gong offers a vibrational massage for the body, mind and soul. Deeply nourishing, restoring and cleansing, a Gong Bath has the power to completely refresh you and reset the entire nervous system for better wellness, sleep and clarity.

7pm Guided Visualization & Art- Allow yourself to be gently guided into a deep relaxed state where you can access creative inspiration and create a visual reminder of your experience. We’ll explore our inner landscape through visualization and enjoy spontaneous fun art-making to map this inner journey. No experience necessary.

We are offering a special to ALL art walkers.

$15 for one class or $20 dollars for both with some special one time offerings to art walkers on the night of, ask front desk for details when you come by.