We are animals, all of us. Mammals to be exact. Our oldest ancestors were evolutionary contortionists who morphed us into our cognitive revolution about 70,000 years ago. Those were the days when humans were just another part of the food chain (right in the middle). Living and foraging in nature. Then as our cognition changed, so is how we structured our societies. Fast forward to now, and we are these modern creatures who tend to forget that we are actually a part of the natural world.

Our modernity and our disconnection from our early, more natural existence, play roles in our mental health today. We have forgotten that we need trees, we need sun, we need natural beauty to lift us up and take us back to our animal origins. To take us back to a home that we have forgotten.

That’s why flowers and plants make us happy, they remind us, without our being conscious of it, about the times past. Time in nature is one of the most healing and rejuvenating things that we can do for ourselves. Many mindfulness practices are oriented around walking through nature, sitting in nature and reflecting in nature. The science is clear, when humans spend time in nature it creates a deep sense of well-being.

At Take Five Meditation we know how important time in nature is for well being. That is why we offer our very specialized Swiss Retreat to our community. We want to share with you the wonders of walking and meditating in some of the most beautiful nature in the world. Last year, our group had an incredible time, immersing themselves in an environment of mountains, wild flowers, and glaciers while practicing yoga and meditation. Practices that come from our earliest ancestors. We hope that you consider joining us this June for the 2020 Swiss Retreat. Please reach out to me for more information.

With Down to Earth, Natural Love,


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