It is hard to believe that in one month it will be 2020. We will be transitioning from the teenage years of the new millenium, to the early 20’s. How fabulous is that? I am really hoping that we bring back the flapper dress for the pending 20’s. After all, a little roaring never hurt anyone. As we roar our way into this holiday season and the new decade, it is all so easy to get caught up in the to do list and the go go go. So much so, that our human-being, becomes human-doing.

This is all great, because a lot of our busy preparations during this season, are so that we can spend some good times with family, friends and lovers. Everyone is putting in time and effort to connect, and that is a beautiful, special way to spend the short winter days of December.

For many of us, this can also be an overwhelming time and a sad time for so many reasons. As much as we love our peeps, there can be stress involved with such concentrated family time and festivities. That is why it is so important to catch yourself before you become overtaken, to slow down and find those moments when you can recoup yourself.

Tapping into your mindfulness practice is an excellent way to counter holiday stress. We hope you take advantage of the offerings that we will have for you at Take Five Meditation. It is our holiday joy to provide you with a slow-down space. From our daily schedule to our special events, we are here to support your taking the time that you need for yourself, to maximize your holiday happiness. We look forward to seeing you on the cushions.

With a Deep Breath, a Roar, and a Tremendous Amount of Love,


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