With today’s daily and seemingly never ending stress, our bodies, our minds and our overall health can be deeply impacted. We are designed to have strong physiological responses to stress. These responses are there to keep us safe from predators and the dangers that lurk. However, our stress response has not exactly kept up with our evolution. Therefore we are having stress response to just about everything modern life has to offer.

This leads to anxiety, nervous tension and depression. We become creatures of reactivity and this is not great for our health. There are many ways to approach dealing with stress related anxiety, but the best one around is the act of kindness. Yes, you read that correctly, being kind is good for your health, and it makes you less stressed out and anxious.

Taking the time to be kind, slows us down to a place where we can move away from fight and flight, to a place that is more calm, more focused and that wreaks less havoc on our nervous system. The act of being kind is not only medicine to the recipient, but also to the giver. This means that the rewards for being kind are doubled. Though we may already know this through experience, it’s always great to know that the science backs this up all the way.

At Take Five Meditation we are always looking to expand on the universal concept of Loving Kindness. We know that compassion for ourselves and all others is a pretty good way to live life. It means a lot to us as we watch you cultivate your kindness to self and others on our cushions. We celebrate the kindness love fest that we know happens at the studio, and all of the kindness that travels out into the world when you leave.

With a Bottomless Well of Loving Kindness,

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