You know the old saying that hindsight is 2020, which in general seems to feel like the truth. Well how about changing the paradigm a bit, and living in the moment and forgetting about how things could have and should have been, and not worrying about how things could and should be? It is so difficult to live in the present without the regrets of the past, and the anticipation of the future.

Our inherent preoccupation with times past or forward creates a present state of blindness. When we loose our ability to live in the moment, we lose sight of daily miracles and blessings, we build internal states of anxiety and stress, we lose our sense of happiness and well being.

What makes this all so interesting, is that we are built to create our own joy in the moment, literally and structurally we have internal systems that are right there inside of us, waiting to be activated so that we can enhance our well being, in the moment. Science itself has discovered the key to these mechanisms and now we know that without a doubt and without skepticism, that just taking a few deep breaths, or taking a big stretch, or just sitting and noticing, can stimulate the Vagus Nerve, and by doing that we can flood our body with well being and joy.

At Take Five Meditation, we love the fact that we all have an inward ability to create our own well being. We know that a regular meditation practice grows this ability, and makes it stronger, and more reliable, allowing us to live in the moment, to notice all of the small miracles that make up our lives. We love watching as our Take Five community grows their daily happiness and well being, by engaging their very own internal miracle, the happy inducing Vagus Nerve.

We look forward to watching you enjoy each miraculous moment of 2020.

With Wonder and Awe,


For more info on the miraculous Vagus Nerve read here

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