As Spring approaches, many of us find ourselves planting and nurturing seeds that will turn into the plants that sustain us. There is truly nothing more satisfying than watching little small grains grow into the beautiful vegetable plants, incredible flowers, and stunning trees, that feed our body and our senses during the warmer seasons.

It takes time, patience and a little finesse, to cultivate and grow seeds into their future selves. Sometimes there are set backs, there are some seasons when a certain cultivar exceeds expectations, and then there are others, when nothing works and the crop is poor. Even with all of the challenges, the growers still grow and the nourishment makes it to the table.

Humans are not all that different from plants in that we need time and love to grow well. Sometimes the growing process is messy and disappointing, and other times it is exceedingly beautiful and majestic. It is always work.

There are many ways to approach personal growth, and one of the most important is through self-reflection. Meditation happens to be an excellent tool in the shed. Meditation allows for visualization and mindfulness. It teaches us to know ourselves better, what makes us grow and what sets us back. It fertilizes our personal growth. It helps us to go into the mess and dirt so that we can rise up and bloom in all of our splendor.

At Take Five Meditation we know that your time on the cushions is a part of your growth journey. We are here for you despite all of the set backs and messiness of personal growth.  We are here to provide you with the sunshine. It is our honor to be a part of your journey as you go on your way, planting one seed at a time and growing more beautiful everyday.

With Love That Grows By The Day,