As we look towards the 2020’s it is the perfect time to reflect on the past decade. The decade where for better or worse, we all became addicted to our electronics in a way that we could have never imagined. The smart phone happened in the 2010’s and we’ll never be the same again. Or will we?

Not long ago, most of us could get through a long stretch of day without checking our messages and notifications. We were more at ease to make a direct connection with the person sitting at the table next to us. It is even possible, that we were not always on, and perhaps had some time during the day to disconnect and disengage. It already feels like those days are long gone, though it was not that long ago.

The 2020’s are an opportunity for all of us to balance the scale and make the adjustment that brings us out of the wild west days of the 4G 24 hour connection, to a place of equilibrium. We can get there, especially if we start to rebuild our listening muscles. Taking the time to disconnect from our phones, in order to connect with our people, requires that we listen.

We do not need infinite loads of data and information, but we do need human connection. 2020 just rings with auspiciousness. It can be a time when we make the choice to listen to ourselves, put down the phones and take the time to listen to our loved ones and friends.

At Take Five Meditation we are setting the collective intention of “Listening More,” as we move into the New Year. Our space is here to give you time to understand your own inner-voice, and a place to connect with others. A place where you can put your phone away, make eye contact, and listen. We know that as the lure of electronics becomes more and more powerful, that it is essential to offer our community, time and space away from it all.

We wish all of you a very Happy and Safe New Year, and we look forward to watching you grow your listening skills with each meditation.

With Ears and Hearts Wide Open,

Tara and Eldad

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