Self-care as we know, is one of the building blocks to a good quality of life. That’s why we eat well, exercise, meditate, get our hair and nails done etc… In these high stressed, over screened, modern times, the concept of self-care in order to charge the batteries makes sense to a point. Somebody needs to look out for us even if it is us, right?

Well the answer is yes, but it doesn’t end there, because there is more to the story than just us. There is everyone. You know, all of those people everywhere who make up community and who might not have the same kind of access that they should have, not only to self-care, but to basic human dignity and well-being.  Everyone is vulnerable to being in a state where they need support and sometimes that support needs to come from the community.

Community plays a very big role at Take Five Meditation. We care about our village and believe that as our community grows it is important to open the doors wider to community care.  We know that your regular meditation practice, your connection to the broader community in the tea lounge, prepares you to go out and be a thriving community member, ready to lend a helping hand where needed. Sometimes those seeds are planted right in the studio with a conversation, or a question.

In other words, you are taking your self-care and you are balancing it with community-care, creating the kind of Yin and Yang balance of well being for all. We love that about you. As of a matter of fact, if you have a community based area of interest that you would like to share with our Take Five community, please reach out and let us know. You can write about it for our newsletter, or you can reach out to see if we can host an event to support it.

We are not just about Taking Five, we are also very much about Giving Five and then some, and we are looking forward to growing this vibe as our beautiful community grows.

With A Tremendous Amount of All Kinds of Care,


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