Washington, DC, the land of the important and the busy. The shakers and the movers who make it all happen. It crackles with the energy of those who feel like they are losing rank if they take some down time. It is a land where folks never say no, and who pile it on every single day. So true, and yet so exhausting to read.

Busyness is just fine, it is accomplishment focused, it gets things done, it’s linear and dependable, and it even pays the rent. It also completely drains us of our creativity and our creative energy, if it is all that we do. It’s hard to move away from because it is a very status oriented way of operating in our culture, but the science has been suggesting for a while, that being too busy squelches creativity, and without creativity nothing truly awesome can happen.

Now enter navel gazing. Complete and total down time with absolutely nothing to do. All of this empty time. It sounds almost boring.  Something very curious happens during this idle time however, when the to do list is put aside, creativity and innovation emerge.

A great way to find balance between the two modes of existence is through silent meditation. Putting the busy aside and meditating, taking a phone free walk in nature, taking a mindful bath, slowly sipping and enjoying a cup of tea, are all ways to reset the mind. Perhaps doing fewer things each day so that there is more time to just be instead of just do. Finding the balance in itself is a mindful act.

At Take Five Meditation, we cherish your creativity as much as we respect your demanding schedules. That’s why we are here, to help you find the balance that keeps your innovative spirit soaring. We look forward to being a regular part of your navel gazing and proud lifestyle.

With a Love that is Always More than Less,


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OK everyone, raise your hand if you’ve ever been really super duper stressed out! Wow, that’s a lot of hands, about 7.7 billion (Earth’s population) to be exact. Pretty telling isn’t it, that just about everyone ever, has experienced stress. You would almost think that stress is an integral part of the human condition.

As an integral part of the human condition, stress does have a value to our existence. It is a prompter. It prompts us when there is danger and urgency. It gives us that kick that we sometimes need to make things happen when they need to happen. It adds spice to life, makes it interesting and challenging. On the other hand, it can suck the life right out of us. Draining us, making us sick, unhappy, depressed.

There is an art to stress management and one of the first elements of this art, is to be able to understand when is stress good stress and when is it bad stress. This is when things get challenging, because our minds love to misinform us about the importance of our stress. We love to come up with excuses for our stress, looking for external factors that explain it away. This can have a nice little band aid effect, but it does not change how we are impacted by stress over the course of our lives.

A regular meditation practice is one of the key elements to stress management. The more we understand how our minds work, the more we go inside to see what is happening, the more we understand stress and how it impact us. We can start making choices that change our stress response.

Take Five Meditation was created because we know that the stress dragon is alive and well in Washington DC, and that we all need a place and some time to meditate, so that we can tame the beast. We are here for you everyday, so that you can take the time that you need to balance your stress.

With Tremendous Unconditional Stress Free Love,


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