Summertime! The best! Hot hazy days when mother nature is telling us that it is time to slow down. Yeah, and here you are in DC, and it’s your job to be a go-getter with Type A tendencies…. it is totally ok to take a break from that. Not something we are used to hearing in our busy culture, but suddenly, there are all kinds of heat indexes, butterflies and fire flies, and if you listen closely, you start to hear the cicadas and you can start to allow yourself to unwind from the busy, and the doing.

It’s not hard to fall into the guilt trap of slowing down. It’s so hard sometimes to give ourselves permission to slow down and just enjoy the array of wonder that nature is offering with her sunshine, her humidity, her pretty flowers and all of the other joys that come along with summertime.

At Take Five Meditation we understand the importance of slowing down sometimes. It helps us to recalibrate, and prepares us for when we really must act and be productive. We offer all of you our studio as a cool summertime oasis to explore your mind with just the right amount of navel gazing. There is nothing like a good quiet meditation to get you into summertime mode.

We look forward to seeing you at the #zenhub and would love it if you shared your summertime pics with us on our Instagram. Tag us with your summertime pics and we will share them with the Take Five community so that they can see how we all love to spend our summers.

With Deep, And Very Warm Summer Love,


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