Have you ever noticed a beautiful smile? A soft gaze? A gesture of kindness that in a moment filled you up with warm fuzzy feelings? Chances are you have, and you really loved it, because those are all moments of loving kindness. The same person who moments before made you uneasy, suddenly shines a friendly smile at you, and the next thing you know, you want to be friends, and connect.

Let’s take all of those moments and imagine that you are the one smiling and giving off warmth to others and even more importantly, yourself. How does that make you feel? Chances are, practicing small and easy to do acts of love and kindness make you feel pretty darned good. So it’s a no brainer right? Just do it, as the old saying goes.

Not motivated enough? Well how about this. Scientists have discovered that a regular loving kindness meditation practice, slows down the rate that cells age, helping you to maintain more youthful looking skin and generally slowing down the deterioration that comes with the aging process. In other words, meditation helps keep you looking and feeling younger.

At Take Five Meditation we prioritize loving kindness, no judging, with lots of love and community spirit. We know that we are creating a space that is good for both body and mind by tapping into things that are so intrinsically valuable to being a beautiful person, that you can’t buy them in a tube or a jar. You are cultivating your outstanding beauty one sit at a time, and it dazzles us. We look forward to seeing you at your next beauty treatment in the studio.

With Glowing Love,


For more on how meditation impacts the aging process and cellular structure read here

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